Photo by J De Frisco

Photo by J De Frisco

Marya Zoya

Artist best known for her *Taxidermy Couture line. Marya has been on a journey of Art most her life. Expressing herself through many mediums such as hair styling, makeup artistry, artisan jewelry design & photography.

Currently Marya is focusing on her new multi brand e-commerce shop She both designs and curates for the site. It focuses on her dream world. A "Unicorn Hooker" is a fun, free spirit, that loves to rock what a badass bae they are. influences from J-pop fashion, 90's, alternative, glam, glitter, unicorns, pussy cats and more!

Trying her hand at a brick and mortar business in 2011, she is the former co-owner of the San Francisco boutique De Frisco Regalia. Located in the heart of the Mission district near the beloved Delores park. Putting her blood sweat and tears into this lovely shop, she did everything from designing, creating and curating every piece sold in De Frisco Regalia to Helping her husband do the demolition and grunt work in building out the space. Marya and co-owner Johnny De Frisco (husband since 2010) also doubled the boutique as a Gallery, having monthly Art shows with local solo SF artist such as Mary Muñoz and David Robinson- to group shows showcasing anywhere from 4 to 12 different artists at a time. The store had many loyal customers and even a glowing review from the San Francisco Chronicle before closing their doors for good Jan. 2013.

*Taxidermy Couture is an animal bone & teeth based neo memento mori inspired art,  jewelry & accessory line, est in 2009.  Using only ethically sourced materials either found in the wild, from people in rural areas, Native Americans on there reservations, or up-cycling vintage fur clothing.  However, after a few years Marya noticed a growing trend of Taxidermy jewelry and accessories. Many claiming "ethically sourced" but at such low price points, she had suspicions the animal parts were actually purchased from inhumane sources such as fur trappers or sport hunters. Worrying her work was perpetuating something she didn't ethically agree with, she grew less passionate about taxidermy based designing. Transitioning to a more modern direction, she started her signature "Marya Zoya" Jewelry line (non Taxidermy based). This line was often inspired by sacred geometry and other bold symbolism mixed with organic materials such as crystals, wood and brass. She still does collections for Taxidermy Couture very rarely when the mood strikes her using materials remaining from her personal bone and skull collection.

You can shop some of those Signature and rare Taxidermy Couture pieces HERE.