Green Christmas

The holidays tend to be a time of excess. Its hard to avoid. I'd like to think there are little things we can do to help offset the waste. Something I like to do is recycle brown paper grocery bags into cute wrapping paper. I save old tissue paper from past gifts and reuse it with some twine for some super cute results. This was just a rush job, the possibilities are endless with what you can come up with using simple things you find around the house... ps think tinfoil 

Helloooo Berkeley!

Welcome to my new neighborhood! Still unpacking and getting situated but I already love it! Its like east coast fall alllllll "winter"! More pictures to come soon! Next week we'll be painting <3

Unicorn MILK- "Extragalactic" Music Video

So I've been neglecting my new blog. But I've been working on projects all the same!

Here is a Music video I edited using an Original song (Extragalactic) from my music project Unicorn MILK. I used only video clips I had taken myself. (Or taken of me) Mostly with my phone but also with my canon 60D. I knew that aquarium footage would come in handy one of these days ;). It was a lot of fun! I had been wanting to work on new editing project for awhile now.  

I hope to start another music video soon. Its my new favorite pastime.